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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mustard Snack

For my inaugral review, I have chosen a relatively new shock site: Mustard snack.

The name
What do you think of when you hear those two words? For me, I thought of a hot dog. One of my favourite snacks is a hot dog, with mustard on it. The creators of mustard snack have done this deliberately - it's really quite clever. Let's say you were to send a link for mustard snack to a friend. Reading the url, they certainly wouldn't suspect that it was a shock site; what could possibly be wrong with a mustard snack?

The content
The main content of mustard snack is a simple static image. It shows a (seemingly young) woman bending over with what appears to be very viscous faeces surrounding her anus and filling her previously-white underwear. The faeces dripping and has a number of solid objects present. As I mentioned earlier, the woman appears to be quite young (her buttocks are not wrinkled or saggy) so I doubt her soiling of herself was involuntary. Add to this that there is a separate male hand holding her underwear for her and it becomes easy to conclude that this woman has deliberately crapped herself, providing a fantastic photo opportunity.

The shock value
Scat-related shock sites are tried and tested. Quite simply, not many people are comfortable seeing another person's faeces. Mustard snack would be effective in generating reactions of disgust in most people, but would probably not shock those with a career in medicine.

The verdict
Though the concept of scat-related shock sites is now an old one, mustard snack provides an innovative twist by using faeces that is at least partially contained by underwear. This, combined with the very messy appearance of the faeces, makes mustard snack an effective shock site for eliciting disgust, horror as well as anger in the people who view it. However, mustard snack is simply one picture; there's only one angle to it. Because of this, I have given mustard snack a rating of:

14/20 = 70%


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